BrighterDaze Farm and Events Banquet Center, Adam Theis and Jeff Spang

At its Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday, the Kendall County Board tabled a petition for a Special Use Permit from the Brighter Daze Farm and Events Banquet Center (top photo) at 10978 Crimmin Rd. in Newark. Adam Theis (bottom left) spoke in favor of the permit, while Fox Twp. Supervisor Jeff Spang (bottom photo) was opposed. The county board sent the petition back to committee. ( photos by James Wyman)

At its Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday, the Kendall County Board tabled a Special Use Permit for the BrighterDaze Farm and and Events banquet facility located at 10978 Crimmins Rd. in Newark.

Fox Twp. Supervisor Jeff Spang addressed the county board and argued against granting a Special Use Permit to BrighterDaze Farm.

Spang said that the rural banquet hall is already operating, and that neighbors have complained about excessive noise.

Spang added that the Brighter Daze owners want to hold 60 events per year at the banquet center.

County board member Judy Gilmour questioned the safety of allowing a banquet facility to operate on Crimmins Rd.

BrighterDaze Farm petitioner Adam Theis told WSPY's Jim Wyman that the banquet facility has served local charities.

There are a number of rural banquet halls in Kendall County, including the county's own facility at the Ellis House at the Baker Woods Forest Preserve on McKanna Rd. north of Minooka.

In other business, the county board also tabled a request from the Kendall County Regional Planning Commission for Amendments to the Land Resource Management Plan for properties located near Rt. 47 in Lisbon Twp.

The petition was tabled because Vulcan Materials Company claims that it owns two parcels land contiguous to the Village of Lisbon. 

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