Debbie Gillette

Kendall County Clerk Debbie Gillette said at last Tuesday's county board meeting that 9,600 applications for vote-by-mail ballots have been received by her office.  Ballots will go out to voters on Sept. 24. ( photo by James Wyman)

Kendall County Clerk Debbie Gillette told county board members at Tuesday's meeting that 9,600 applications have been received for vote-by-mail ballots.

Gillette said that the actual ballots will be mailed voters on Sept. 24.

Gillette spoke about where the vote-by-mail ballots would be counted.

And Gillette said that no ballots can be counted before 7:00 p.m. on election day, which is November 3.

Vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked by election day, and Gillette told WSPY's Jim Wyman what results she will have to report on the night of November 3.

There will be a drop box outside the County Office Building at 111 W. Fox St. in Yorkville where voters can drop off their completed ballots.

Gillette said that the ballots cannot be printed until after Sept. 3 because of her office having to wait for filings by write-in candidates.

Early voting will begin at the County Office Building on Sept 24.  There will also be early voting in Plano and Oswego.

Gillette said the best way to obtain a vote-by-mail ballot is to apply online to her office.  She said voters are being sent applications by other entities in addition to applications sent out by her office.

Those interested in serving as early voting judges are asked to contact the Kendall County Clerk's office.

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