Photo from Kinzinger's office

A local lawmaker is sharply disagreeing with President Trump on a recent foreign policy decision.

The White House announced the decision to effectively remove U.S. troops from Syria and abandon allies in the northern region of the country.

In December 2018, 16th District Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Channahon sent a letter on behalf of the Free, Stable, and Democratic Syria Caucus in the House, something he co-chairs and founded, urging President Trump to rethink his decision to remove U.S. troops from the region - as, according to Kinzinger, it would send a devastating message to allies around the world and give ISIS a foothold again to lay grounds for terrorist recruiting.

Now Kinzinger is renewing those calls for the Trump administration to keep forces in the region as Turkey moves forward with their offensive in northern region of Syria. He called the troop withdrawal wrong, dangerous, and means the U.S. is abandoning friends in the region.

Kinzinger went on to say in a statement that the decision gives Russia and Iran, "exactly what they want while emboldening Turkey to take out Kurds, who have worked alongside U.S. forces to combat terrorism."

Kinzinger ended by saying the war of terror is far from over, and the move to abandon allies in Syria is, in his words, wrong and misguided.