Meadowvale to Sandwich

Meadowvale Inc. is located at 1305 E. 6th St. in Sandwich. (Meadowvale logo provided, building photos by Jim Wyman)

An area ice cream mix manufacturer that serves more than 500 frozen custard and ice cream retailers is making a big move.

Meadowvale Inc., who has spent 50 years in Yorkville, is expected to move their company to Sandwich.

Meadowvale President Steve Steinwart told WSPY that his company has purchased three buildings on the former Designed Stairs property on 6th St.

While the city of Sandwich is eyeing the office building near the roadway for a new police station, Meadowvale purchased the three buildings further back on the property.

The move will more than triple the company's current space and Steinwart says they hope to start the renovation process by March or April and be ready for production by December 1st. 

Steinwart said the company does not have plans solidified for potential expansion, at this point.

He says the moving process to make it in by December will be "aggressive."

Meadowvale employs around 30 workers currently and potential expansion down the road could mean more staff, he says.

WSPY asked Steinwart why the company chose Sandwich.

Meadowvale Inc. is currently located on Beaver St. in Yorkville.