LaSalle County Sheriff Badge

LaSalle County Sheriff's Office officials say they have taken several residential burglary reports, recently, in various spots around the county.

In a post, the sheriff's office says the reported burglaries involve two to three Hispanic male subjects in which one subject comes to the residence and advises the homeowner or occupant that there is some kind of problem that requires the need for access to the basement.

The sheriff's office says while the resident is in the basement, one or two other male subjects enter the home and steal items.

The sheriff's office reminds residents to no let anyone into your home without proper credentials or identification.

Anyone with information or who encounters the individuals is asked to contact the sheriff's office.

Information provided in this report has been obtained from area authorities, including but not limited to local police, fire and emergency dispatch officials. Information is sourced only from official sources of public information unless otherwise stated. Subjects listed who have been charged or cited for crimes have not been proven guilty in court and all acts are alleged.