Stephanie Kifowit

Representative Stephanie Kifowit. (Photo provided)

Supporters of a new piece of legislation say the measure aims to lower the cost of insulin for diabetes patients.

The bill caps out of pocket co-pay costs for prescription insulin at $100 per month. Only one other state, Colorado, has such a law. It's sponsored by Sen. Andy Manar of Bunker Hill.

Officials say a person with type one diabetes spends on average, about $475 a month for insulin.

Locally, State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit of Oswego is a co-sponsor of the bill.

Sen. Manar says the average price of insulin has risen significantly in recent years, leaving many with some hard choices.

State Rep. Sue Scherer of Decatur also spoke.

Senator Manar says he'd like to bring the bill up during the Fall veto session and jumpstart a real discussion about the high cost of many prescription medications in the U.S.