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(Photos by Mark Harrington)

Long-time Plano officials were honored at Plano City Council meeting this week.

No more reading documents and no more meetings.

Dave Teckenbrock remembers some contentious meetings when his Plano Plan Commission faced residents crowding into city hall.  

One meeting even needed protection.

Now after 30 years, he has retired from the commission as its chairman.

He said three projects forced more and longer meetings, the Lakewood residential areas, and a modular home development south of the city, and the Eldamain Road industrial park.

As Plano Plan Commission chair, there was a skill of conducting a meeting, Teckenbrock said, where developers and landowners come together for the first step of receiving city approval. He served five-year terms under four different mayors: Bud Johnson, Sue Nesson, Bill Roberts, and currently Bob Hausler.

As for developers, Teckenbrock had these words.

A nearly lifelong resident of Plano, a 1969 graduate of Plano High School like Plano Mayor Bob Hausler, Teckenbrock has fond feelings for his hometown. In fact, Teckenbrock has lived in two Superman towns in Illinois, downstate Metropolis and Plano.

But don’t give up on Teckenbrock, who says he will wait a few months before attending any meetings of the plan commission or city council. He said he doesn’t want those members and its new chair Kara Brummel looking toward him for hints or approval. He likes having older and newer members mixed on the commission.

Teckenbrock has been a community servant. During his time on the plan commission, he was involved with the  Plano Jaycees (also as its president), president of the cemetery board for five years, on the township board as trustee (four years) and eight years as its clerk.  

Also at the Plano City Council meeting, aldermen offered thanks to retiring city treasurer Janet Ghoest, who has served for 24 years. She also was the city’s budget officer.