Kendall Metra Extension

( photo by Mark Harrington)

Metra conducted the first of two local open houses on Monday in Plano, regarding a Kendall County Metra Extension

Fifty-five miles from Sandwich to Chicago and only 17 miles from Montgomery to Sandwich.

But several obstacles stand on the railroad track for Metra to arrive with commuter trains in Kendall County or Sandwich or Montgomery.

Metra held an open house in Plano last night with many unanswered questions and work remaining before results are finalized summer 2020.

Besides adding a third rail line, there must be permission to build and operate from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, owners of the track. Approval must come from the Regional Transit Authority or RTA and Metra. Only Montgomery is inside the RTA six-county boundary.

It may also require state or local legislative action or laws. Metra documents state that the project needs to benefit the RTA region. Metra’s David Kralik talked about the RTA role.

Currently, a ridership survey is being done to forecast the number of riders as Metra’s Kralik explains.

Kralik added there is no standard maximum for the number of riders for a station before one is selected.

In the study, Oswego, Sandwich, and Montgomery show single locations for a commuter station while Yorkville, and Plano show several possible sites.  

Another Metra open house is scheduled at the Oswego Village Hall, Tuesday, from 4:30-7:30 p.m.



      Online survey must be completed by Jan. 6, 2020.