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(Courtesy of Photospin)

For the first time in recent history, the top vote-getter for a seat on the Kendall County Board is a Democrat.

Democrat Robyn Vickers of Oswego was the leading vote-getter in District 2, with 11,333 votes counted following Tuesday's election.

In District 1, Amy Cecish of Yorkville finished second in her district with 9,073 votes. Incumbent Republican Judy Gilmour earned the most votes in District 1 with 10,681 votes.

These results come following the Mar. 2018 primary election, in which 7,800 Democratic ballots were cast out of a total of 15,296 ballots.

According to the Nov. 2016 general election results, the top vote-getter to be elected to Kendall County Board was Republican John Purcell in District 1 with 13,078 votes.

The third highest vote-getter, coming in after Republican Matt Kellogg, was Democrat Audra Hendrix in District 1 with 11,019 votes.

In the Nov. 2014 midterm elections, Gilmour retained her seat in District 1 with 10,211 votes.

Polling results from the Nov. 2012 general election show that Gilmour was the highest vote-getter with 13,366 votes. Cecish was the next highest vote-getter with 11,447 votes.

Purcell was again the highest vote-getter in the 2010 election, gaining 7,182 votes.

In the Nov. 2008 general election, Republican John Shaw was the highest vote-getter, earning 10,439 votes.

WSPY's Jim Wyman asked Kendall County Board member Elizabeth Flowers about the results of the election and the number of Democrats who were elected to office at Wednesday night's board meeting.

All of the new Kendall County Board members will be sworn into office on Dec. 9.