Douglas Rd. and Seasons Ridge Blvd.

Douglas Rd. and Seasons Ridge Blvd. (Google image)

Montgomery trustees, at their meeting this week, approved waiving a bid process to contract with the village's current traffic signal maintenance provider for needed repairs for one of two traffic signals requiring attention.

Montgomery Public Works Director Mark Wolf told trustees that after meeting with Meade Inc., this past spring, it was learned that a signal at Seasons Ridge Blvd. and Douglas Rd. on the village's east side had a controller and fixtures that were outdated and needed to be replaced.

Village Engineering Consultant Pete Wallers writes in board documents that the village is not able to find replacement incandescent light bulbs for the existing traffic signal heads, needing replacement, and that the existing 15-foot posts are not galvanized and are rusting at the base, which will soon cause structural failure.

Wallers writes that working with the existing maintenance contractor will save considerable time and expense and based on their cost proposal, staff doesn't believe there would be any significant savings if the project work was competitively bid. A two-thirds vote was required to waive bidding.Trustees voted unanimously to approve the $34,455 in work that includes a new controller, signal heads and posts.

The approval does not include a $6,200 battery backup which Wolf explained could be installed at a later time.

Trustee Steve Jungermann asked about preemption lighting for emergency vehicles which Wolf says is also not included in the work. He says the new controller will support that lighting, however, it will require full engineering and will be budgeted for.

Meanwhile, Montgomery Village Administrator Jeff Zoephel says another traffic signal at Montgomery Road and Douglas Road is facing maintenance issues, but is split between the village's jurisdiction and the Kane County Department of Transportation's jurisdiction.

The required work and funding split is expected to be brought back at a future meeting.