Thomas Franzen

Thomas Franzen booking photo (Kane County Jail photo)

A Montgomery man and cancer patient serving four years on a felony cannabis possession charge, who is petitioning Governor J.B. Pritzker to issue him a pardon or commute his sentence will get a hearing for clemency on October 9th.

That's according to information from Illinois Prisoner Review Board Chairman Craig Findley who has indicated that a confidential recommendation will be made and issued to Governor JB Pritzker who is under no deadline to make a determination on the recommendation for 37 year-old Thomas Franzen.

On May 30th, Franzen of Harmony Dr. was sentenced to four years in the the Illinois Department of Corrections in exchange for more severe cannabis trafficking charges being dropped. He pleaded guilty to Unlawful Possession of More than 5,000 grams of Cannabis, which is a Class 1 felony.

Kane County prosecutors alleged in court that in February 2014, U.S. Postal workers, having noticed a pattern of suspicious parcels being delivered to Franzen, obtained a search warrant and opened a package sent from a California address that was addressed to Franzen.

Franzen possessed 42 pounds of THC infused chocolates that he said were self-medication for cancer but prosecutors argued cocaine and additional items, "known to be evidence of drug dealing" were found in Franzen's possession and that the amount of chocolates found, "far exceeds what would be used for personal consumption."

Franzen's petition to the Governor argues he has not been receiving promised treatment in prison and has lost 20 pounds behind bars.

The petition also has letters of medical documentation and support letters from friends, family, his employer, and an uncle, Chuck Nelson, who is Aurora's deputy mayor.

Additionally, the petition notes no past criminal history for Franzen. Franzen will be required to serve two years of his sentence if it is not commuted. He is currently projected for parole in June of 2021.