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Among the communities continuing the process on recreational cannabis are Montgomery and Oswego.

The Montgomery Plan Commission last week gave a positive recommendation to forward a zoning text amendment to the Montgomery Village Board who will discuss the amendment on October 28th and are expected to take a vote in November.

Montgomery Community Development Director Rich Young says the plan commission also unanimously approved a slightly modified zoning map than what had originally been proposed. Communities can impose restrictions on where cannabis retailers can sell requiring distances from locations deemed sensitive such as colleges and universities, schools, public parks and residential zoned area.

Young says the modified map addresses some changes in relation to areas that are adjacent and along different village boundaries. Setback and distance allotments from sensitive areas look to vary by community.

Montgomery commission documents indicate businesses allowed within the M-1 Limited Manufacturing and M-2 General Manufacturing Districts would be allowed at 500 ft. from locations deemed sensitive.

Like other communities, Montgomery will also vote on a sales tax for cannabis, though a date for that vote has not yet been presented.

Municipalities and counties may also impose a tax of up to 3%. That's in addition to the 1% retailer’s occupation tax that the village already has in place for all retail sales.

The plan commission adopted the recommended proposal for on site consumption of cannabis and cannabis infused products to be prohibited. Additionally, hours of operation will be determined as a part of the special use review and approval process.

Meanwhile, the village of Oswego's Planning and Zoning Commission will review a draft on Thursday.

Staff in Oswego writes that a community shopping zone preference is better for security than hidden from public view in a manufacturing district.

The village is suggesting a setback of just 100 feet from school or parks. Staff and village board want the zoning ordinance setback distance to mirror that of package liquor and bars in its code. However, the Oswego Village Board has the state law maximum of 1,500 feet to increase that distance.

Under the proposed ordinance, the zoning would restrict marijuana sales to B-2 and B-3 Zoning Districts only. Infusers, processors, cultivation, craft growers, and transporters would be placed in M-1 and M-2 zones, which could place those facilities behind Oswego High School or nearer to Oswego East High School.

Cannabis stores could be prohibited from locating in the downtown. Staff sees the downtown for more, "pedestrian and service oriented businesses."

In addition, a restriction to prohibit smoking clubs as well as previously stated smoking lounges could be put in place, as well as no on-site retail store consumption or smoking.