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(Top) Montgomery Village Attorney Laura Julien walked Montgomery trustees through proposed changes to the village's ordinance regarding solicitors at their meeting on Monday night. (Pictured: bottom left and right) Trustees Theresa Sperling and Steve Jungermann ( photos by Tyler Bachman)

Montgomery trustees are nearing the adoption of a few changes to their ordinance regarding solicitors.

Following the item being tabled two weeks ago, trustees again discussed the matter at their meeting on Monday night.

Village Attorney Laura Julien described some of the proposed changes to the ordinance.

Julien also says a no solicitor registry is proposed for homeowners who want to be added to a village list to not allow solicitors. It was later discussed that from a law enforcement standpoint, a no solicitor sign on a house would be needed if there are issues regarding solicitors with any violation.

Trustee Theresa Sperling had a few concerns with a list of addresses being handed out, not wanting those addresses to be used for mailing lists.

Additionally, trustees discussed application and fine amounts for solicitor violations. Trustees are moving toward a $30 application and a $50 fine with penalties for non-payment.

Village President Matt Brolley and trustees essentially said the goal is to limit multiple violations and not a solicitor who made a mistake. This was Brolley, Trustee Sperling and Trustee Steve Jungermann.

The solicitor ordinance amendment was on first reading on Monday night and will come back for approval at the next meeting.

Meanwhile, trustees unanimously approved a recommendation from The Montgomery Development Fund Committee for a $10,000 forgivable loan for owners of the Dairy Queen Plaza at the southeast corner of Seasons Ridge Boulevard and Douglas Road.

The owner plans to remove all of the existing landscape material and replace it within the planting beds around the plaza. The total estimated cost for the project is $41,500.