Dawn Kigyos

Dawn Kigyos booking photo (Kendall County Jail photo)

A Montgomery woman has been arrested and charged in Yorkville after she allegedly punched an employee of a business at a Yorkville shopping center.

Yorkville Police say it happened in the 800 block of Erica Ln. around 8:40 p.m. on Wednesday night. According to police, 50 year-old Dawn Kigyos of Stirling Ct. is accused of punching an employee in the stomach.

Police say in a statement, "the offender was upset that the employee brushed against her boot with a mop and the two exchanged words that led to the offender hitting the employee."

Dispatch logs do not indicate anyone was hospitalized. Kigyos was arrested and charged with Battery and was transported to the Kendall County Jail for booking.

Jail logs indicate Kigyos posted bond, early Thursday morning, to be released.

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