Amaco Schack

Republican Rick Amato (left) defeated incumbent Democrat Richard Schmack (right) for DeKalb County State's Attorney. (photos provided)

DeKalb County is getting a new state’s attorney.

Incumbent Democrat Richard Schmack was defeated on Tuesday by Republican challenger Rick Amato, who received 59 percent of the vote.

Amato credits a consistent campaign for his win.

Schmack cited his actions in the Jack McCullough case as the reason for his loss.

McCullough’s 2012 conviction in the 1957 murder of seven-year-old Maria Ridulph was vacated, and McCullough was freed from prison after Schmack announced he had found evidence that Schmack believed proved McCullough innocent.

Schmack says after he made his decision in the McCullough case, he thought he would lose his bid for re-election.

A hearing in McCullough’s request for a certificate of innocence in Ridulph’s murder is set for December 5th, shortly after Amato's swearing-in.

Amato declined to say whether his office will be ready for that hearing, saying he has not yet seen the background of the case.

During the campaign, Amato touted law enforcement endorsements and outlined his vision of being tough of crime.

Amato said that he is beginning to put those plans into action after he takes office.

Schmack says he has contacted Amato to begin discussion the transition to a new state’s attorney.