Oswego E. High School, Newark H.S., Lisa Banovetz and Alex Finke

Yorkville School District Director of Business Services Lisa Banovetz (lower left photo) told the Kendall Co. Board on Thursday that changes to the county's Land Cash Ordinance will hurt the Yorkville schools.  However, the Govt. Affairs Director of the Realtors Assoc. of the Fox Valley Alex Finke (lower right) said the county's current Land Cash Ordinance is illegal. Board member Robyn Vickers contended that land values in the county differ widely between the Oswego School Dist. (top left photo) and the Newark H.S. Dist. (top right photo) and should be adjusted according to land value. (Top photos from WSPYNews.com files; bottom photos by James Wyman)

At Thursday's Committee of the Whole meeting, the Kendall County Board tabled changes to the county's Land Cash Ordinance, which has been revised.

The Land Cash Ordinance provides that money from new home construction is set aside for land for parks the forest preserve, recreation and school sites.

The Land Cash Ordinance has not been revised since April 15, 2014.

Senior Planner Matt Asselmeier told county board members at Thursday's  meeting about how the Planning, Building and Zoning Committee calculated the fair market value of all lot sales in the county.

County board member Robyn Vickers wanted the Land Cash Ordinance revisions to use land values by school districts.

Director of Business Services for Yorkville School Dist. #115 Lisa Banovetz also objected to leaving out land values according to school district.

However, the Government Affairs Director for the Realtors Assoc. of the Fox Valley Alex Finke took a different approach to the land cash reduction.

The Kendall Co. Board decided to postpone consideration of the petition to change the Land Cash Ordinance pending review by the State's Attorney's office.

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