Northern Illinois University announced Friday that all undergraduate courses are moving online.

A press release entitled "Protecting the Pack," stated that the university expects all students who reside on campus, and undergraduates who live in DeKalb County to limit in-person activities and interactions until Sept. 28.

According to the press release, more than 120 students are currently positive for COVID-19, and more are currently quarantining due to exposure and/or pending test results.

The university states that some students are not fully cooperating with health officials and are not following guidelines on reporting symptoms and potential exposure.

All planned in-person events on the NIU campus have been cancelled for the next two weeks.

According to the press release, the action was taken because the origin of the spread at NIU has been parties and gatherings, especially ones where participants have failed to wear masks and physically distance.

Northern's undergraduate courses will be delivered online beginning Monday and will remain online until Friday, Sept. 25.