Hoover Forest Preserve Entrance Sign

The Hoover Forest Preserve on Fox Rd. is the crown jewel of the Kendall County Forest Preserve District. (WSPY News.com photo by Jim Wyman)

Around 100 students including athletes among the Yorkville High School and Yorkville Middle School Volleyball teams will be working on a projects at the Hoover Forest Preserve in Kendall County on Saturday morning.

Kendall County Forest Preserve Director David Guritz says that student volunteers will be assisting the district with continuing efforts to complete the Hoover Nature Play Space for children.

District staff will be working with student and adult volunteers to plant the “Hobbit Tunnel” play feature currently under development, planting of the butterfly rain garden, Native American village preparations for the upcoming program season and other projects.

The work day will take place behind The Rookery building. Guritz says the work is a part of the district's 18-month restoration project and play space initiatives at Hoover.

The projects are funding through grants provided by entities 100+ Women who Care Oswego-Montgomery-Yorkville and the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation – Amenities and Events program.

Project work takes place from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.