Collage:  Michigan Marijuana, Tony Giles, Audra Hendrix and Scott Gryder

The Kendall County Board voted 6 to 3 on Thursday not to prohibit cannabis (top photo) from being sold in the county.  Board member Tony Giles (bottom left) argued that allowing pot sales in the county will encourage teenagers to vape the drug.  Audra Hendrix (bottom center) cited a study that argued that  the controlled sale of cannabis will help keep the drug out of teenagers' hands.  Chairman Scott Gryder (bottom right) said the county board must now look at how to zone cannabis dispensaries in unincorporated Kendall County. (Top photo from; bottom photos for by James Wyman)

At its Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday afternoon, the Kendall County Board voted 6 to 3 not to send an ordinance prohibiting cannabis business establishments to the county board for a vote.

Board members Scott Gengler, Tony Giles and Judy Gilmour voted against prohibiting the sale of pot in unincorporated Kendall County.

Board members Amy Cesich, Scott Gryder, Audra Hendrix, Matt Kellogg, Matthew Prochaska and Robyn Vickers voted against sending the ordinance banning cannabis to the county board.

Giles is a teacher at Oswego East H.S., and he said that vaping has become a problem at his school, and allowing marijuana sales in Kendall County will just make the vaping problem in the high school bathrooms worse.

Hendrix is in favor of allowing cannabis sales in the county, and she cited an article by the Drug Policy Organization Hendrix said refuted what Giles said about teenagers using pot.

Giles argued that Democratic fundraiser George Soros was behind Hendrix's Drug Police Organization document.

After the vote not to opt out of selling cannabis in Kendall County, board Chairman Scott Gryder explained what's next.

Gryder said there would be another vote by the full county board once the Planning, Building and Zoning Committee decides on where the cannabis facilities will go in unincorporated Kendall County.