KC 09 09 19

(WSPYnews.com photo by Kathryn Bloch)

An approval for an ordinance prohibiting cannabis business establishments moved out of the Kendall County Law, Justice and Legislation Committee on Monday night in a 3-2 vote.

Committee members Tony Giles, Judy Gilmour and Matthew Prochaska voted yes while Audra Hendrix and Robyn Vickers voted no. The ordinance will be discussed further at Thursday's Kendall County Board Committee of the Whole meeting.

The ordinance, if approved at the county board level, would prohibit the operation of adult-use cannabis establishments, craft growers, cultivation centers, dispensing organizations, infusing organizations, processing organizations or transporting organizations.

Kendall County Administrator Scott Koeppel says that the issue of recreational cannabis is currently being discussed within a number of committees.

Prochaska spoke about some of his concerns when it comes to cannabis.

Other concerns brought up by Prochaska include the federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 narcotic and whether or not local banks would take revenue from recreational or medical cannabis facilities.

Prochaska said he voted yes to move the ordinance to the full board for more discussion.

Hendrix spoke about the findings from research that she has done on cannabis.

Vickers says that cannabis will be in Kendall County whether the board likes it or not and that it's the board's job to look for any revenue source that the county can get.

Gilmour said she believes that the ordinance should go before the full county board because it is an important issue.

Joel Frieders of Yorkville, who is an alderman on the Yorkville City Council, spoke during the citizen comment section of the meeting.

The item will appear on Thursday's Committee of the Whole agenda for more discussion.