Andy Clemens of Weblinx, Inc., Will Trost of Granicus, LLC, and Oswego Community Engagement Coordinator Jenette Sturges.

(L to R) Andy Clements of Weblinx, Inc., Will Trost of Granicus, LLC, and Oswego Community Engagement Coordinator Jenette Sturges. ( photos by Mark Harrington)

For 20 years, an Oswego business Weblinx, Inc. has done work for the village of Oswego. However, the Oswego Village Board has agreed to cut the relationship.

Before that 3-1 decision with two trustees absent, Andy Clements, CEO, of Weblinx, Inc. of Oswego voiced his concerns over the village staff process of redesigning the village’s website.  This is Clemens.

Clements continued on the local angle.

Granicus Inc. was given a five-year contract by the Oswego Village Board.  The firm does not have offices in Illinois, listed on its website, the nearest in St. Paul, Minnesota. The village has budgeted the $15,250 cost.

Before the trustees voted, Oswego Village Board President Troy Parlier, gave his insight.

Oswego Trustee Pam Parr also pushed the village staff’s recommendation.

Oswego Community Engagement Coordinator Jenette Sturges said the 11-member village staff committee used a rubric with a scale of one to five.  Eight proposals were received.  She said the village reached out to four references other than provided by Weblinx, Inc. and Clements.

The top three showed Granicus with five selections for the firm, four for Civic Plus from Kansas, and zero for Oswego vendor Weblinx, Inc. Accounting for two missing unofficial selections, Sturges said one rubric was hard to interpret and a committee member was absent from some meetings that prevented her from accurately completing it.

In a post meeting interview, Sturges said she would give a positive recommendation as a reference for Weblinx.

The Oswegoland Park District, Fox Valley Park District, Oswego Public Library District, Oswego Fire Protection District, the Oswego Chamber of Commerce, Oswego Township, the Sugar Grove Park District and Library District,the Yorkville Public Library and the Sandwich Fair Association use Weblinx website services.

Clements said he would not have put in a bid if he had known the village’s staff search intent was for a national company.