Oswego Police NEW

(WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

New technology that could be used by Oswego Police in the future was discussed by the Oswego Village Board last week. 

Driving through Oswego, the cameras could spot you soon.  

At the meeting, trustees went to traffic school for a lesson in license plate readers. Here were some of their impressions.

Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner said his officers already do some license plate checks while sitting in traffic or on cars parked in streets or lots.

He also referenced potential concerns that could be perceived.

Stolen vehicles, wanted individuals, child abductions, armed robberies, lost seniors, runaway teens or retail theft. Authorities say those cases could be solved more quickly with the license plate readers. 

Oswego Trustee Terry Olson, who served on the Oswego Police Commission, had this to say.

Chief Burgner said home associations could also purchase a system to monitor streets and neighborhoods.

Chief Deputy D.C. Norwood presented this information to the board.

However, trustee James Marter had this question, and Burgner replied that the answer will be forthcoming.

Another trustee concern was the security of the system to avoid outsiders hacking into personal information or the selling of that info. Burgner reassured trustees this.

The cost to equip all Oswego squad cars could be $396,000 or $18-$22,000 per car. The monitoring device also could be mounted to poles. It could also be used to deploy a “virtual fence” around the Oswego perimeter.

No decision has yet been made by the Oswego Village Board as the item was up for discussion only.