S. Harrison

View of South Harrison St. property in Oswego where a zoning moratorium has now been denied. (WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

A downtown decision has been halted in Oswego.

When business owner Neal Dodd spoke, his strong argument may have stung the ears of the Oswego Village Board.

When it came time to vote, the board had reduced a downtown moratorium on certain zoning uses from 32 to 24 months before trustees Judy Sollinger, Luis Perez, Brian Thomas and James Marter II voted no, defeating the moratorium. The plan would have affected four businesses in the business three and manufacturing one zoning districts on South Harrison Street.

Dodd, whose family has owned a construction business for 60 plus years, continued urging the board prior to its vote.

Owning most of the land on the street, Dodd wasn’t finished.

Land on South Harrison Street from Dodd’s building and storage yard is near the The Reserve at Hudson Crossing and is near two other major building developments that is changing the face of downtown Oswego. His location by the Fox River is considered the next redevelopment space by village officials.

The 2015 Comprehensive Plan calls for commercial, residential, and mixed uses.

But Oswego trustee Judy Sollinger, spoke first and gave this rationale prior to her no moratorium vote.

The Oswego Plan Commission by a 5-2 advisory vote and village staff recommended the temporary moratorium. Oswego Village Administrator Dan DiSanto gave another reason for the moratorium, saying the village board probably would not want auto repair or body shops (two are located in the zone) or construction businesses in the next two years that would remain for 20-50 years.

Trustee Brian Thomas, who said he was against the village’s moratorium, tried to table a vote but did not have a second motion.

Finally, in other Oswego Village Board votes, trustees unanimously approved a lower, larger new electronic message sign for the Oswego American Legion with some restrictions.