Stephanie Kifowit

Stephanie Kifowit. (WSPY file photo)

Oswego Democratic State Representative Stephanie Kifowit says she will do things different than current Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan if she ends up winning the job of House Speaker.

Kifowit announced in October that she would challenge Madigan to lead the Illinois House.

"I just believe in the utmost transparency and rebuilding the public trust and actually listening to the people of Illinois," Kifowit said.

Kifowit says she has some procedural changes in mind, but in general she wants to make sure that everyone in the House is heard. Kifowit says the house should act as one body and not many factions.

Kifowit ran unopposed in last month's Election. She says the next step for her is reaching out to other Democrats to listen to their opinions on what needs to change in the Illinois House.

A number of Democrats in the Illinois House have said they will won't be voting for Michael Madigan again. Madigan hasn't been charged, but was implicated, in a deferred prosecution deal between ComEd and federal prosecutors alleging that Madigan exchanged his influence over the Illinois house for favors from the utility company. Madigan has denied wrongdoing.

"I think that we need a change in the Illinois House and I'm very adamant that we can achieve that change for the better and for the public to have trust again in the Illinois government," Kifowit says.

Kifowit has called for Madigan's resignation. Kifowit says she'll want to focus on policy initiatives to combat systemic racism, criminal justice reform, and enacting ethics reforms.

Kifowit represents the 84th Illinois House District which covers portions Oswego and Montgomery along with Aurora and Naperville. She was originally elected to the post in 2013.