OPD Proposal

(Oswego Police video still)

A traffic stop in Oswego earlier this month led to a marriage proposal that was accepted while an Oswego Police officer and others looked on.

In a video from Oswego Police that WSPY shared this week, a man and woman can be seen outside of a car during a traffic stop, with an officer standing near the couple.

Then, the man gets down on one knee.

The officer's dash cam caught the whole thing on video. The stop occurred on August 10th on Route 34.

Oswego Police Department spokesperson Cathy Nevara confirmed what Officer Jordan Lombardi can be heard saying in the video, that the proposal had not been planned until during the stop.

Nevara says the vehicle, that had multiple people inside, was stopped for an equipment issue. It wasn't clear whether any warning or ticket was issued, however, after the officer performed the stop, the man asked to speak to Officer Lombardi on the side and asked if he'd be willing to participate in the marriage proposal.

Nevara says the officer agreed. After returning to his squad, Officer Lombardi re-approached the stopped vehicle, asked the female to exit the car, and the male to exit the car when the proposal occurred.

Meanwhile, people in a drive-thru line at a nearby restaurant can be heard cheering on the couple.

Nevara didn't have the names of the two lovebirds but said they were both willing to have the video be shared on the police department's Facebook page.

You can view that video, above.