Stephanie Kifowit

Stephanie Kifowit. (WSPY file photo)

A Democratic State Rep. from Oswego has proposed legislation that she says will, "mandate prompt notification in the event of a future outbreak of an infectious disease" at any state Veterans home.

State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit announced a bill Monday on the heels of recent controversy that sparked again at the end of 2017 regarding deaths and water borne infections at the Qunicy Veterans Home.

Governor Bruce Rauner's administration has been criticized for their handling of the Legionnaires disease outbreak and several lawmakers and state officials have demanded answers, after 13 residents have died over three years from the water borne bacteria.

Governor Rauner spent about a full week at the home and said that he is interested in finding funds to invest in improvements for faster testing, improving the water supply and a remodeling of the facility.

According to a release, Kifowit's bill would mandate that, "any veterans home must notify residents and their families in the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease. In the event that two cases are found within a month period, staff at the facility must notify all residents, their next of kin or emergency contacts, and the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs and the Illinois Department of Public Health."

Kifowit argues that, “this bill will help to ensure future tragedies, like what happened in Quincy, won't happen to any more of our veterans.”

Rep. Kifowit is a veteran. She visited the Quincy Veteran's home in early January along with Democratic State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia of Aurora.