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Another referendum in Oswego SD308 could be added to the 2020 spring elections, pending further discussion.

In the upcoming three months, the Oswego School District 308 Board of Education will decide whether or not to place another 30 cent tax increase referendum on the March 17, 2020 ballot.

This would be the third attempt for voter approval in the last 16 months. However, it could come with a new controversy.

Student school location may resurface at future 308 board meetings --  a previous community conflict nearly five years ago. This is Oswego 308 School Board President Lauri Doyle and member Toni Morgan on class sizes.

Doyle also gave the board these referendum instructions.

Board member Brent Lightfoot gave his insight.

But Doyle has these concerns.

Board members talked about the new budget being barely balanced with a thin margin. This is 308 board member Matt Baumann.

The school district continues to pay off a six-figure deficit while trying to build a surplus.

Over recent years, the district has cut more than $14 million from its budget.

Oswego 308 Superintendent Dr. John Sparlin said monies involved in ongoing negotiations of an expired teaching contract with the Oswego Education Association has been built into the budget.

Board members were told that they must decide by December 27th to place a tax referendum question on the ballot.

In a presentation, the board learned that a successful referendum may likely stop the sale of bonds and the issuance of tax anticipation warrants.  Over time, the board would be able to build reserves to a safer level.

One major area of the board’s concern is adding more debt for facility maintenance, including structural and equipment repairs and replacement of aging infrastructure.

Previously, the county-wide one cent sales tax was defeated overall in Oswego 308 precincts and in Kendall County, and last April, Oswego voters rejected a 30 cents increase.

Public input at upcoming board meetings has been requested by the school board.