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As WSPY reported, on Monday night, a four-year contract was approved by the Oswego SD308 school board and members of the Oswego Education Association (OEA), which has over 1,300 certified teachers in 24 schools have also ratified the deal.

Reportedly, the first year of the contract calls for a 2.54 percent increase in wages and no changes in health insurance. In the previous contract, the board-teacher split was 80-20 for medical single users and 75-25 percent for teacher and family coverage.

In the last year of the old contract’s salary schedule, starting teachers earned $40,800, a teacher with a master’s degree at $46,160 for the first year, and a teacher with a master’s degree plus 47 additional semester hours or a PHD would be paid $109,600 after 23 years of experience. District 308 Spokesperson Theresa Komitas said the full contract should be posted on the district 308 website on Friday.

An eight percent increase over four years is included.

Oswego teachers have been working without a contract this school year, the contract expiring last June.

Little discussion took place at the school board meeting on Monday night. Board member Allison Swanson, who voted against the contract, cited its closeness to the upcoming referendum on ballots this March.

As referenced, voters will go to the polls for a 30-cent tax hike decision.

Last November, the same referendum failed by 321 votes. If approved in March, the district will build their reserves to a safe level, return some student programs, provide delayed building maintenance, and reduce class sizes at some grades. That comes after the district has sliced over $14 million from its budget over five years, including at its administration level and affecting students directly.

In Monday’s board presentation, the district showed a five-year projection of a successful and unsuccessful referendum, which is a difference of $43.2 million.

On a successful referendum vote, the overall fund surplus would increase from $1.3 million to $10.2 million in revenue to expenditures over five years while the projected year-end balance grows from $17.6 to $59.5 million in fiscal year 2025. There are six funds shown on agenda documents.

For an unsuccessful referendum vote, the updated February 2020 data graphics showed an overall fund increase in revenue to expenditures from $1.3 million to $3.7 million.  The year-ending balance would move from $17.6 million to $32.8 million, a growth of over $16.3 million in fiscal year 2025.

Seventy-five percent of the teachers in the 308 district have a master’s degree or higher. Oswego 308 is the state’s seventh largest district with over 18,000 students Pre K-12.