Oswego Village Hall.

With the approval of legal recreational adult use marijuana, there has been a concern over the way to test for it in a person driving a vehicle and being under the influence.  

That concern was debated in several local municipality government boards over the past months before a decision to allow or not to allow recreational stores.  On road testing equipment is under development. Training with local law enforcement officers has been planned.

But in the village of Oswego, people pulled over by police and suspected of driving under marijuana influence will be taken to the Oswego Fire Protection station for testing by a paramedic under police supervision  The proposed plan and inter-government agreement comes before the village board on Tuesday.

In agenda documents, Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner writes that law enforcement is expecting more cannabis related DUI cases in 2020, requiring the need for more blood draws for testing and analysis within two hours. He said the hospital process could increase the risk of losing blood related evidence because of extended time factors, which could be detrimental to prosecution.

The police department will purchase and provide materials for the fire station blood draws and will store and maintain the evidence.

Illinois law does not permit driving while using recreational, age 21 marijuana.