Collage: Oswego Road Dist. Truck, Selmer, Rogerson and LeClercq

The Oswego Board of Trustees recently passed a 4.95 percent levy increase for the township's Road District.  Trustee Diane Selmer (bottom left) voted "no."  Highway Commissioner Bob Rogerson (bottom center) said that the prior Road District Commissioner, Gary Grosskopf, let roads and tree trimming go.  Supervisor Brian LeClercq (bottom right) said that a March 17, 2020 referendum to absorb the Highway Dept. will eliminate politics. (Top photo provided; bottom photos for by James Wyman)

At the Nov. 5 Oswego Twp. Board of Trustees meeting, trustees voted three to one to increase the tax levy for the township Road District.

Diane Selmer cast the "no" vote.

Highway Commissioner Bob Rogerson outlined the reasons for the increase in the Road District Levy to $2,529,295.00.

Rogerson told the township trustees that roads in Boulder Hill were not maintained correctly by the former Road District administration and trees were not trimmed properly.

Trustee Diane Selmer responded.

As reported previously, at the Nov. 5 meeting, the trustees also voted to place a referendum question on the March 17 Primary ballot to absorb the Highway Dept., which would allow the trustees to appoint the Commissioner.

Following the meeting, Township Supervisor Brian LeClercq spoke with WSPY's Jim Wyman about that issue.

In 2015 Gary Grosskopf did not run for re-election as Highway Commissioner after being accused of performing his $95,000 a year job from Florida.  Grosskopf had served for 26 years.

In other business at the Nov. 5 meeting, the Oswego Twp. trustees approved by a three to one vote a 2.63 percent increase in the township levy.  Diane Selmer voted "no."

According to Supervisor LeClercq the increase was needed in order to repair the parking lot at the new township offices at 99 Boulder Hill Pass.

Here Jim Wyman's WSPY Radio story by clicking the link below: