Collage:  Bob Rogerson, Brian LeClercq, Fran Klaas, Bill Small

Current elected Oswego Highway Commissioner Bob Rogerson (top photo) may be out of a job in 2021 if a referendum to absorb the Highway Dept. into the township passes in March.  Supervisor Brian LeClercq (bottom left) favored putting the referendum on the ballot, while Kendall County Highway Engineer Fran Klaas (bottom center) and trustee Bill Small (bottom right) were opposed. ( photos by James Wyman)

By a three to one vote, the Oswego Township Board of Trustees voted on Tuesday to place a referendum on the March 17, 2020 ballot that would allow the township to absorb the Highway Department.

If the referendum passes, the Board of Trustees would be responsible for appointing the Highway Commissioner.

That elected office is currently held by Bob Rogerson, who succeeded Gary Grosskopf.

In 2015, Grosskopf was accused of living in Florida while he performed his $95,000 per year job as Oswego Twp. Highway Commissioner.  Grosskopf served as Highway Commissioner for 26 years.

Township Supervisor Brian LeClercq said during the meeting that he had nothing personal against Rogerson.

In April of 2017, Rogerson won a six-way race for the Oswego Twp. Highway Commissioner. 

In his statement during the meeting, Rogerson addressed township attorney Karl Ottosen and Supervisor Clercq.

Rogerson had his defenders at the meeting, including Kendall County Highway Engineer Fran Klaas.

David Lacy has lived in Boulder Hill since 1974, and he spoke on Rogerson's behalf.

Following the meeting Supervisor LeClercq told WSPY's Jim Wyman that having the Highway Dept. under the township umbrella will be an advantage.

Following the meeting Rogerson was asked if he needed more time to fix the Highway Department's past problems.

Bill Small was the only Oswego Twp. trustee to vote against placing the question to absorb the Highway Dept. on the March ballot.

Supervisor LeClercq, and trustees Michael Bidegain and Diane Selmer voted in favor.

Allyson Jacobsen was absent.

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