Leland Police Chief Jason Bragg

Leland Police Chief Jason Bragg. (Photo provided)

An Ottawa man was hospitalized following a standoff with police Wednesday night around 11:00 p.m. in downtown Leland.

According to Leland Police Chief Jason Bragg, 19 year-old Nicholas Bantista of W. Madison St. in Ottawa shot himself multiple times in the head with a BB gun.

Chief Bragg says that Leland Police responded to a call of a person armed with a gun and found Bantista in the 100 block of N. Main St. threatening to kill himself.

Chief Bragg spoke with WSPY's Jim Wyman about where in downtown Leland the incident occurred.

According to Chief Bragg, Bantista also pointed the gun in the general direction of officers.

A brief standoff ensued, and Bantista pointed the gun to his head and shot himself multiple times with the BB gun.

Chief Bragg says that Bantista was then subdued by police and taken into custody.

Did police know that the gun Bantista had in his possession was a BB gun?

Chief Bragg explained the extent of Bantista's injuries.

According to Chief Bragg, a Leland police officer was injured while attempting to subdue Bantista.

Criminal charges against Bantista are pending.  He is under guard at Valley West Hospital in Sandwich.

Leland Police were assisted by the LaSalle County Sheriff's Office and Earlville Police.

Hear Jim Wyman's WSPY Radio story on the shooting in Leland by clicking on the link below: