The Yorkville City Council meets on Tuesday night.

Aldermen will discuss creating measures to allow for the temporary sale of food and liquor outdoors on places like sidewalks, public and private parking lots, closed streets and other areas.

Governor JB Pritzker announced last week that when communities move to Phase 3, which is expected by the end of the month, outdoor seating for restaurants and bars will be allowed with health restrictions.

Locally, Yorkville, Montgomery, Plano and Oswego have all addressed taking steps, either through ordinances or executive orders.

In Yorkville, City Administrator Bart Olson writes in city council documents that a preliminary review of all known bars and restaurants in town shows that most will have adequate space within their own property or neighboring properties, except for some downtown businesses.

Olson writes that the city is tentatively looking at utilization of a portion of the city’s east alley parking lot and have spoken with ownership about utilization of the FS property as a temporary public parking lot, which is under review.

Some businesses have requested a couple of tables in the city lot and another business is requesting to utilize tables in parking spots on West Van Emmon St., which is similar to what was proposed during discussion on city "parklets" in 2019.

Concerns to be discussed are making sure tables and pedestrian areas are in places that will not result in vehicle/pedestrian conflicts and that the locations are in accordance with good practices already set up. The city also wants to have some oversight to properly allocate equipment and to broker discussions between property owners if there are parking conflicts.

The outdoor seating can't interfere with the operations of adjacent businesses.

In other items, City Administrator Olson's contract was set to expire at the end of the month. A proposal to extend the contract to May of 2021 is on the agenda. Olson would be paid the same annual base salary of $174,836 he receives currently.

Additionally, in Yorkville on Tuesday, the city council will consider three separate agreements regarding planned improvements on Mill Road at the BNSF Railroad grade crossing.

Improvements to the crossing include widening of the crossing surface at the tracks and installation of upgraded safety equipment. The Illinois Commerce Commission will pay for 95 percent of the safety equipment upgrades, meaning the city will be responsible for about $33,000, which is being paid for with funds from the developer of the Grande Reserve development.

Last year, the council approved a long-sought resurfacing of the city's portion of Mill Rd. The work was a short term fix to buy a few years while more study with Kendall County is done about traffic light and roundabout possibilities in the area of Galena, Kennedy and Mill Roads.

Yorkville aldermen meet for their meeting at 7:00 p.m. The meeting allows for in-person and virtual attendance.