David Guritz

Kendall County Forest Preserve Director David Guritz (WSPYnews.com photo by Tyler Bachman)

A pilot bow hunting program, approved in Kendall County, last month is seeing interest.

Kendall County Forest Preserve Director David Guritz gave an update on the program at the Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission meeting, earlier this month.

As of the November 5th meeting, the county had received 43 permit registrations to hunt on forest preserve land.

Forest Preserve Commissioners approved the program in October. The measure called for a maximum of 60 hunters to pay $200 apiece for the right to kill deer on forest preserve land.

In the past, forest preserve commissioners have rejected sharpshooters killing the deer on county land.

The program is only offered to Kendall County residents and the hunting is only done on land within the preserves that is normally not open to the public.

The point of the program is to support the monitoring and control of Chronic Wasting Disease in white tail deer in the county.

Guritz also thanked Kendall County Geographic Information System or GIS for their aid in the program.

The bow hunting program is being offered through January 19th, 2020 which corresponds with the archery deer hunting season requirements with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.