Plank Jr. High School

Plank Jr. High School in Oswego (Oswego SD308/Plank Jr. High photo)

As students in Oswego SD308 returned to school on Wednesday, an elementary school in the district heard concerns from some who felt a message reading 'God Bless the USA' shouldn't have been placed on the school's electronic marquee.

Plank Jr. High School on Secretariat Ln. in Oswego displayed the message, along with several rotating messages in an electronic marquee.

Concerns were brought forth by some parents and community members about the message on the school's marquee. Kendall County Board Member Robyn Vickers of Oswego has a child at Plank Jr. High and she was among those who initially spoke out.

Oswego SD308 Communications Director Theresa Komitas told WSPY in a statement on Thursday that the wording has since been removed from the sign's rotation.

She says the statement was added to the electronic marquee in early July, in celebration of Independence Day. Komitas says the rotating electronic sign, "contained many other messages about upcoming events and welcoming students back to school" and that the message was, "intended to be patriotic when it was added before the July 4th holiday."

The wording was removed when concerns were received on Wednesday. Vickers also said the school had removed the message, even before an e-mail from her to the school went out.

She felt the message just wasn't inclusive.

Komitas says the marquee messages are generated by the individual buildings and that the same wording is not believed to have appeared on other school marquees in the district.

A call to Plank Jr. High School Principal Tyler Haymond has not yet been returned.