Solar Field WCP Plano

( photo by Mark Harrington)

Some concerns with a solar field were voiced at the Plano City Council meeting on Monday night.

With charges of failing to live up to a contract, the Plano City Council issued a strong warning to WCP of Texas.

The firm has cost the city $1,800 as a result of the public works department for weed and grass control at its wastewater treatment plant on Hale Street where the solar panels are located. Aldermen approved a contract with WCP to provide electrical savings for the wastewater facility in 2018.

This is Finance Committee Chair John Fawver.

Alderman Scott Mulliner questioned the project with Plano Public Works Director Nate Bullard answering.

Then, alderman Ben Eaton joined in on the issue.

Afterwards, WSPY News spoke to Plano Mayor Bob Hausler about the matter.

Elsewhere, alderman approved reducing $3,300 in permit fees for Waubonsee Community College’s Plano campus remodeling project. 

Instead inspection fees will be $400 and permit fees $500, which will cover Plano’s costs, according to city official Tom Karpus.