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If you thought age 18 was too low for smoking tobacco, consider this report from the National Health Institute, which revealed American children as young as age five were using the product around 1908.  The report shows most countries around the world have an age 18 restriction today.

While a new Illinois law was signed by the governor last month to restrict the purchase of tobacco products and smoking to the age of 21 and up, the Plano City Council discussed changes to the law at its meeting this week.

Plano City Attorney Tom Grant said the changes in the city’s ordinance were from the previous age of 18 and older to now age 21, the new state law. After the meeting, Plano Mayor Bob Hausler spoke about his city’s new ordinance.

Plano alderman Scott Mulliner asked about regulations regarding vaping or electronic cigarettes.  City attorney Grant had this reply.

Plano Police Chief Jonathan Whowell told aldermen about businesses selling tobacco and its products within the city.

Hausler said Plano Police will conduct compliance checks of the city’s businesses selling tobacco products. Recently the city worked with some downtown businesses to follow The Smoke Free Illinois Act because smoking was occurring outside in doorways.

The Plano mayor said underage smoking violators will be subject to the judgement and punishment of the city’s adjudication court.