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Plano City Council at their meeting on January 13th, 2020. (WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

After two years of committee work, the Plano City Council, Monday, struggled to reach agreement on a transient business ordinance, commonly referred to as door-to-door solicitation.

At times, Mayor Bob Hausler and aldermen appeared on different sides of the topic. Some aldermen expressed frustration over city staff not providing information. This is alderman Mike Rennels.

Hausler provided this evaluation of the current Plano ordinance.

Then Hausler talked about the city’s involvement about peddlers followed by Rennels’ viewpoint.

Earlier in the city council meeting, Plano Director of Building, Planning, and Zoning Tom Karpus stated that 400 roofing permits of 700 total various permits in 2019 were issued following a Memorial Day hailstorm.  

Hausler said he is concerned about unlicensed solicitors selling in residential areas without required background checks, putting homeowners’ safety in jeopardy.

Alderman Scott Mulliner said his committee looked at fee structures in Oswego, Yorkville, and Sandwich.

After the discussion, the proposed transient business ordinance remained in the committee of the whole meeting for a debate in two weeks following ordinance and state regulations reviewed by Plano City Attorney Tom Grant

Finally, in Plano City Council committee announcements, aldermen are considering ordinances affecting single family home dumpster use and residential or business outside lighting.