Plano City Hall NEW 2018

(WSPY file photo)

For retail marijuana stores, the main separation between Plano City Council aldermen and Mayor Bob Hausler is over setback distances from the perimeters of schools.

Hausler wants 1,000 feet and some aldermen desire 500 feet.  

At odds is sign advertising on the building or on the property of any retail adult-use recreational cannabis stores. State law indicates it must be 1,000 feet from any school.

Hausler questioned the council’s building, grounds and zoning committee’s recommendation of 500 feet at the meeting.

For Hausler’s distance of 1,000 feet, Plano Alderman Mike Rennels disagrees.  This is Rennels.

Rennels chairs Plano’s Economic Development Committee.

Plano resident Matt Jackson spoke near the meeting’s conclusion in the citizen’s comment section.

In other council action, aldermen approved rebuilding the Klatt well water pump, saving money over buying a new pump. Plano Public Works Director Nate Bullard advised aldermen that other pumps at other wells will require future replacement as the company is no longer manufacturing replacement parts.