Plano City Hall NEW 2018

(WSPY file photo)

The Plano City Council meets Monday night at 6:00 p.m.

Under his report, Plano Mayor Bob Hausler will present a proposal for a Chicago company produce a video about the city of Plano.

Four key components are addressed in the video which would be available on the city’s website including Welcome, Healthy Living, Education, Housing-Real Estate. A fifth area is mentioned under community organizations.

There appears to be no cost to the city with production revenue coming from business advertising surrounding the video. In addition, the city would have three revisions of the final draft.  The contract spans three years.

CGI Communications is the firm with a main office in Rochester, New York and a branch office in Chicago.

In other action, the Plano City Council will discuss information on its electrical aggregation program. According to agenda documents, annual savings shows $78 to each resident over a five-year span but expected to drop to $70 currently and in 2020. Over five years, the savings has been $389 per resident. The agreement is for one-year.

Finally fees for an Oktoberfest and for a remodeling project at Waubonsee Community College’s Plano campus are up for elimination.