Plano City Hall NEW 2018

(WSPY file photo)

The Plano City Council meets Monday night with key developments in regulating marijuana sales.

The city of Plano may become the first area community to allow recreational marijuana sales. The city is setting the maximum limit to three businesses, as proposed.

Aldermen will discuss a draft ordinance that includes five different types of marijuana facilities but only one purchasing business type for medical or recreational cannabis. No business could include multiple types of facilities on one site.

Following the Plano Plan Commission’s recommendation of approval, the document follows the Illinois Municipal League’s sample ordinance, however with changes.

The proposed ordinance places four of the five facilities in the Manufacturing Two Zoning District. Previous meeting discussion identified the Eldamain Road Industrial Park as the main location. A retail or dispensary business would be zoned for Business-5 Districts.

Under Plano’s proposed ordinance, smoking marijuana in adult use recreational cannabis businesses could be allowed.

Also, there would be a separation distance of 1,500 feet between restricted areas such as schools, parks and libraries for the four different facilities. A new category applies 1,500 feet setbacks from the cannabis businesses to the property line of residential structures, including adult day care centers.  

Only the retail or dispensary business would be 1,000 feet instead of 1,500 feet. The permit would be reviewed annually by the city with a provision for suspension or revoking the city-issued license.

In another agenda item, the city has established the maximum state-allowed three percent local sales tax on all marijuana related purchases.

Between each marijuana facility, there must be a distance of 1,500 feet or the length of five football fields. Structures must be single standing buildings, not in residential units, and the only business in the building, which eliminates strip malls and some downtown locations.

On one rule, the city of Plano will eliminate permitted use zoning, which will provide the city with more control in approving businesses.  Another rule requires security cameras and lighting for the establishments, identifying the safety of customers and employees. A security plan must have provisions for handling disruptive conduct or over-consumption.

This is the third city council meeting discussion on the issue of the new state law on recreational marijuana.

All of this will be discussed in the committee of the whole meeting at 7:00 p.m. In this type of meeting, aldermen can not vote on topics, however they can send proposals to final approval at the next city council meeting in two weeks.

Two places are available for citizen comments during the meeting.

Elsewhere, the public works department is requesting approval for a new leaf box for its dump truck, costing nearly $7,000 for the storage of leaves during fall removal in residential areas.

Roadway blacktop and concrete construction around water main repairs throughout the city is up for approval at a cost of $14,000.

From the Kendall County Health Department, Dr. Amaal Tokars will speak on suicide prevention.