Oswego High School New

(Oswego SD308 photo)

Oswego Police and school officials in Oswego SD308 are again investigating after a new set of threatening writing was found on a bathroom wall at Oswego High School. 

Police say in a statement that they were alerted Wednesday to a disorderly conduct incident regarding the writing. 

Oswego High School Principal Mike Wayne said in a statement sent to parents Wednesday and obtained by WSPY that the message found read, "10/9/18 you got the wrong guy." 

WSPY reported on Monday that Oswego Police arrested a 16-year-old Montgomery juvenile on a felony Disorderly Conduct charge in connection with threats that were found written on two bathroom walls at the high school last Tuesday.

The student was released to his parents in that case. 

Similar to a statement Wayne released in relation to the last incident, he said Wednesday that school officials are working with police to investigate the matter. He also said, "with the help of surveillance footage, along with student and staff tips and information, [officials] are confident that the individual will be found."

Wayne asked parents to discuss with students the importance of speaking up, reporting anything that does not seem right. He also stressed the significant consequences that may stem from the writing.

Wayne additionally said police and school administration are dedicating a lot of time and effort in finding the person responsible for the message and that additional police presence will be seen at the school until the case is resolved.

He is asking the individual who wrote the message to come forward or for those with information to come forward. 

Oswego Police say anyone with information can also contact them, the school district's emergency hotline or Kendall County Crime Stoppers. 

More information is expected to be provided as updates become available. 

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