Sugar Grove Village Board

Pictured are Sugar Grove Village Board members: (Back Row, L-R:)  President Sean Michels, Trustee Ryan Walter, Trustee Rick Montalto and Trustee Ted Koch. (Front Row L-R:) Trustee Heidi Lendi, Trustee Jen Konen and Trustee Sean Herron. (Photo provided)

Village President Sean Michels says that the Sugar Grove Village Board may vote to not allow the sale of recreational cannabis in the village.

Libertyville and Bloomingdale have already voted to opt out of selling cannabis once it becomes legal in Illinois on January 1.

Municipalities will be able to collect a three percent tax on pot sales, in addition to the state sales tax if they approve pot sales.

Michels spoke about the feeling on the board towards selling marijuana in Sugar Grove.

Village President Michels says he is still on the fence when it comes to recreational marijuana being sold in Sugar Grove.

Michels says that the Washington State, where recreational cannabis is legal, has too much weed.

According to Crain's Chicago Business, with the Jan. 1 deadline fast approaching, cannabis companies have to nail down specific locations before they can seek recreational-use licenses from the state. Only then can they begin construction to expand existing facilities or build new ones, if necessary