Yorkville aldermen who sit on the city's economic development committee moved forward, this week, a request by Kendall County to consider designation changes for future land use along Eldamain Road.

As WSPY reported earlier this week, the county made the request, following the announcement in 2019 by the Illinois Department of Transportation that $45 million in funds for the construction of the Eldamain Road bridge over the Fox River was allocated in their multiyear plan.

If approved by the city council, the use would change on several identified parcels from “Estate/Conservation Residential” to “General Industrial” or another compatible future land use designation to fit in with the county's land resource management plan.

The roughly 470 acres of unincorporated land consists of 15 parcels, located on the east side of Eldamain Road.

Yorkville Community Development Director Krysti Barksdale-Noble spoke of some of the considerations.

Aldermen verbally approved beginning the process. This was alderman Joel Frieders.

Alderman Chris Funkhouser had a slightly different view.

The item will now go to a public hearing before the planning and zoning commission before coming to the city council for a vote. In other Yorkville news, the city's planning and zoning commission approved 5-0, a request for a new special use permit being pursued by a developer for a solar field that will help power the Kendall County Government Center on John St.

The new special use to replace the previously approved special use, was due to a requested change in fencing materials, due to the high cost.