City Attorney Jessica Harrill Administers the Oath of Office to Alderman Rich Robinson

City Attorney Jessica Harrill (right) administers the Oath of Office to First Ward alderman Rich Robinson.  Robinson is now the acting Mayor of Sandwich until May of 2021.  Robinson replaces Rick Olson, who resigned on May 13. ( photo by James Wyman)

First Ward alderman Rich Robinson became the acting Mayor of Sandwich at a swearing-in ceremony during a Special Sandwich City Council meeting Monday night.

Robinson replaces Rick Olson, who resigned as mayor on May 13 following his charge in LaSalle County for Solicitation of a Sexual Act in a prostitution sting.

Robinson will retain his seat as First Ward alderman, and he will be able to vote on city council business.

The new mayor spoke about taking over the office.

Robinson works full-time as a DeKalb Co. Sheriff's deputy.

The new mayor was asked about challenges ahead for the City of Sandwich.

Robinson will serve as mayor until May of 2021.

In other business at Monday night's meeting, City Clerk Denise Ii told the council that unscrupulous contractors from outside of the city have swooped in to take advantage of roof damage following last Thursday's hail storm.

Sandwich requires a solicitors' permit that has a background check, but the city does not issue building permits for residential roofs.

Alderman Les Redden said citizens need to be aware that contractors seeking roofing business in Sandwich need a solicitor's permit.

Redden added that Sandwich residents should immediately call police or city hall when the solicitor coming to their door does not have a solicitor's permit

EMA Director Tom Ciciora said most of the hail damage last Thursday was on the east side of the city.

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