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The Plano City Council at their meeting on Monday. (WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

Safety reminders were part of the Plano City Council meeting this week.

With school starting Tuesday in Plano District 88, Plano Police Chief Jonathan Whowell gave these tips for drivers.

Later in the meeting, alderman Jamal Williams spoke about how police are making a difference in his Ward Two area.

There also have been traffic safety improvements on Eldamain Road as alderman Stephen DeBolt thanked Plano Police Lt. Norm Allison.

Tuesday, schools opened in Oswego, Somonauk, Hinckley-Big Rock, Indian Creek, Kaneland, Plainfield and East Aurora, so police departments are patrolling to enforce speeds in 20 miles per hour school zones including conducting observation posts at stop signs, bus stops, and crosswalks. Cell phone usage, especially near schools, in school zones, and in school parking lots, is a major ticket.

In addition, police may be near or even riding school buses looking for drivers passing stop arms and flashing red or yellow lights on buses. Many school districts have cameras on the front and rear of school busses for license plate, car make, and driver photos. Fines have increased for violations this year.

WSPY reminds drivers to slow down and use patience. Five to 15 seconds trying to be quicker to work could mean injuring or causing death to a child, changing your life and the life of a family forever.