Sandwich Fair 2019

( photo by Mark Harrington)

After a five-day run, the annual celebration has come to a close. With near-perfect weather, the 132nd Sandwich Fair closed its gates, Sunday, until next year.

Sandwich Fair Association Secretary Nancy Rex says Saturday's attendance was 68,348 patrons. A rainy Sunday hampered attendance with 25,969 attendees.

Still, a total of 161,222 attendees passed through the Sandwich Fair gates this year.

From Lockport and Flossmoor, these kids were both anxious and cute to be at the fair.

One four-year-old girl may have to wait until next year for what she wanted to eat when she told her mom.

Blake Huston, the vice-president of North American Midway Amusements for carnival rides and games, offered these sentiments for The Sandwich Fair.

Here is a short highlight reel of the stories from the top fair in Illinois.

Stuffing bellies with food is an annual ritual like the fried pickle girls from Somonauk.

Hey, one more time for these musical treats.

Colorful light bulbs have been turned off, the rides disassembled for the next town’s fair.  But the Fireball, Scrambler, Dragon Coaster, and Tilt-a-Whirl are silenced except for these memories.

Finally, may these sounds keep you remembering the Sandwich Fair for the next 12 months.

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Until next year, so long from The Sandwich Fairgrounds!