Collage:  Rich Robinson, Sheryl Chmielewski and Graphic

Sandwich Mayor Rich Robinson (top left) said he favors medical cannabis but has reservations about recreational pot.  Alderwoman Sheryl Chmielewski (bottom left) sees marijuana as a drug that can get people off of opioids. (Photos for by James Wyman; Bellingham, Washington graphic)

At Monday night's Sandwich City Council Committee of the Whole meeting, Mayor Rich Robinson took a straw poll of alderman to determine whether City Attorney Jessica Harrill should compose an ordinance permitting the sale of cannabis in the city.

Three aldermen were in favor--Cheryl Chmielewski, Kevin Kelleher and Fred Kreinbrink.

Five aldermen were opposed or leaning toward a "no" vote--Pete Dell, Cara Killey, Rich Robinson Les Redden and Shane Surratt.

So now City Attorney Harrill will draw up an ordinance for the November 25 meeting prohibiting the sale of cannabis in Sandwich.

During the cannabis discussion, alderman Redden spoke about the Drug Resistance Education or DARE Program.

Alderwoman Chmielewski spoke about the medical benefits of cannabis.

Mayor Robinson favors medical marijuana but not recreational pot.

Sandwich joins Plainfield, unincorporated Kane County and Sugar Grove in prohibiting the sale of cannabis.

Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Illinois on January 1, 2020.

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