Students who attend Sandwich Schools will have a mix of in person and remote learning when school starts back up in August. Superintendent Rick Schmitt says students will be alternating days in the classroom and out.

Schmitt says every student in the district will have a device for at home learning. He says on off days, students will have assignments and reading to do at home. Schmitt thinks that staff are prepared.

There will be shortened in-person days for the first few weeks. Schmitt says the remote plan has been developed since schools were shut down this spring. He says feedback from staff and parents has been considered in the plan for the fall.

Schmitt says if parents need help making accommodations for their children on remote-learning days, they should contact their schools as there are options available.

Schools had to scramble to put together remote learning plans because of a statewide shutdown to slow the spread of COVID-19 in March.  Some schools are offering parents a choice of in-person or full time remote learning.