Yorkville Middle School

Yorkville Middle School (Yorkville Middle School/Yorkville CUSD #115 photo)

Yorkville Police say another student at Yorkville Middle School has been charged, this time with a felony, as police say the student, on Thursday, allegedly threatened a classmate and then made physical contact using a pencil.

Police responded to the school on Prairie Crossing Dr. at approximately 10:26 a.m., after Yorkville Middle School administration were notified by a teacher that an eighth-grade student had allegedly committed an Aggravated Battery, which was the charge filed.

Police were contacted by school administration to assist in the investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, the student was charged with the felony.

The charge comes a day after another student had been charged with Aggravated Assault for allegedly making verbal threats to a classmate while displaying a pencil, threatening harm. No physical contact was made in that incident

Yorkville Middle School and Yorkville Police issued a joint statement. They said that they, "take these threats very seriously, and want to stress that there are significant consequences for such behavior."

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